Cuba Denounces Prevalence of Digital Gap

Cuba Denounces Prevalence of Digital Gap
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18 May 2022
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Havana, May 17 (ACN) On the occasion of World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, May 17, Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that the digital gap prevails as a consequence of inequalities caused by an unfair world order.

Nearly 3 billion people, 37 percent of the world population do not yet have access to the Internet with 96 percent of them living in developing nations, said Rodriguez on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo also wrote on twitter a message saying that Cuba is promoting and protecting the rights of its senior citizens under the slogan “digital technologies for healthy aging.”

Also on Twitter, Cuban Communications Minister Mayra Arevich said that the island prioritizes the development of telecommunication infrastructure to create capacities at all levels in order to ensure access to information and communication technologies.

Amidst increasing population aging marking current times, the information technologies will play a significant role and will help build intelligent cities, fight age-related labor discrimination, guarantee financial inclusion of senior citizens and assist millions of caretakers around the world.

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day has been marked every May 17 since 1969 in commemoration of the setting up of the International Telecommunications Union and the signing of the first International Telegraphic Accord in 1865.

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