Cuba denounces destabilizing actions against the country

Cuba denounces destabilizing actions against the country
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10 December 2023
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Cuba has denounced enemy plans and actions against the country, which are being investigated by the Ministry of Interior.


The denunciation was broadcast on the National Television News Saturday evening.


A few days ago, a Cuban resident in the United States arrived illegally on the coast of Matanzas to carry out violent actions in the country. The intervention of the Ministry of the Interior and the denunciation of these actions led to an investigation that prevented the destabilizing plans from being carried out by the end of the year.


The individual arrived on the northern coast of Cuba on a jet ski.  After his arrest, the weapons he was trying to introduce into the country were seized.


Although the investigation is still ongoing, it can already be stated that Cubans residing in the United States have links with terrorists who reside there and publicly promote violent actions against Cuba. They also receive military training and resources to carry out these plans in Cuba.  


The day before, Cuban media published a list of persons and entities subject to criminal investigations, who are wanted by Cuban authorities due to their involvement in acts carried out on the island and in other countries.


The list, published in the official Gazette of the Republic by means of Resolution 19/2023 of the Ministry of the Interior, includes those responsible for terrorist acts against the Caribbean country from 1999 to date.


The list includes individuals responsible for inciting, organizing and financing actions that affect the social order in the Caribbean nation, through violent acts against public officials and the normal functioning of entities.


The open criminal cases correspond to aggressions against hotels and other tourist centers in Havana, infiltration along the coasts to carry out violent actions, plans to attack the President of the Republic and public officials, as well as the promotion of military maneuvers.

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