Cuba attends the “Together” program on renewable energy in Japan

Cuba attends the “Together” program on renewable energy in Japan
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8 February 2023
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Tokyo, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is participating in the "Together" Latin America-Japan Exchange and Understanding Program, an aim to promote the use of renewable energies based on the Japanese experience.

The Cuban delegation is integrated by officials from the Ministries of Energy and Mines, as well as Science, Technology and the Environment.

The rest of participants come from the member states of the Central American Integration Organization (Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama), and France.

The opening remarks on Japan’s side were given by the general director of Latin America and the Caribbean of the foreign ministry, Maki Kobayashi.

Engineer Osmani Pantoja, director of Renewable Energy Sources at the Electric Union for Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, spoke during the welcoming reception offered by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Osmani also expressed his expectations of being able to verify, in first hand, the advances of Japan in terms of economy, society, education, culture and science, with the purpose of transferring this knowledge to Cuba.

“Together” will offer international guests the chance of participating in various clean energy conferences, learn about Japan’s efforts to fight global warming, and visit Ashoro City in Hokkaido as part of the exchange activities.

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