Cuba and Venezuela reinforce scientific collaboration

Cuba and Venezuela reinforce scientific collaboration
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9 February 2024
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Cuba and Venezuela reinforced the close ties that unite both countries with the signing today of a Memorandum of Understanding for scientific collaboration.

The document was signed by Sandra Oblitas, Venezuelan Minister of Popular Power for University Education, and Walter Baluja, Cuban Minister of Higher Education, in the context of the 14th International Congress of Higher Education University 2024.

The Venezuelan minister highlighted that the memorandum will allow establishing exchange mechanisms in the educational and scientific area, delving into research areas of common interest, as well as promoting the development of the two countries.

Oblitas referred to her participation in the ministers' forum held the day before, in which she delved into the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution in the educational field, especially the transition towards inclusion.

She described the Congress as a recurring meeting space, an exchange with the different higher education institutions that bring together to take stock of the challenges, progress and challenges of the countries.

For his part, Baluja expressed his desire that this agreement continue to consolidate academic collaboration between both nations in the area of ​​science.



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