Cuba and Saudi Arabia Strengthen Ties in Soccer

Cuba and Saudi Arabia Strengthen Ties in Soccer
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23 December 2023
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Cuba and Saudi Arabia strengthened their ties in the sports area with the signing of a cooperation agreement to promote soccer, the weekly Jit reported this Friday in its digital edition.

The president of the Football Association of the Caribbean nation, Oliet Rodríguez, and the Saudi head, Yasser Al-Misahel, signed the agreement to consolidate and continue developing a close working relationship, share resources and experiences, and cooperate bilaterally.

In addition, the understanding includes exchanges for the improvement of officials, technicians, referees and players, which may be developed in courses, seminars and conferences.

They also plan to interact in competitions organized by both associations, as well as friendly matches between their national teams, attention to the infrastructure area, with the construction and maintenance of sports facilities, equipment, scientific activities and medical sciences applied to football.

«We are very satisfied and grateful to our counterparts at the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. This agreement must collaborate with the development of our football in the medium and short terms. “We are very optimistic about the results they could give us,” Rodríguez told Jit.

The agreement will have a duration of five years after its entry into force from its signature, within the framework of the convention of the International Federation of Football Association held in Saudi Arabia.

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