Cuba and Canada celebrate 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations

Cuba and Canada celebrate 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations
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27 January 2021
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The ties between Cuba and Canada have evolved from the former exchange of rum or sugar in the 19th century to a multifaceted link with 75 years of uninterrupted diplomacy.

In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina news agency, the Canadian ambassador to Cuba,  Perry John Calderwood, emphasized that Canada was among the first countries to recognize the revolutionary government of 1959.

"In the western hemisphere, only Ottawa and Mexico maintained continuous ties with Cuba in a Cold War context and in the face of U.S. pressures," he said

'The year 1976 was historic because the Prime Minister of Canada at that time, Pierre Trudeau, arrived in Cuba and became the first Western leader to come after the beginning of the Revolution', explained the diplomat.

Official sources assured that the exchange fostered a friendship between the incumbent and Cuban historical leader Fidel Castro, who traveled to Canada in 2000 for Pierre Trudeau's state funeral.

The diplomat pointed out that his country is the second-largest foreign investor in Cuba and mentioned as examples of economic ties the presence of the Blue Diamonds Resorts hotel chain in 21 hotels and the 45 years of relations with the National Bank of Canada.

Another 200 companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, are based and active in Cuba. Most of them remain committed and confident of long-term opportunities,' he said.

Given the current epidemiological situation, the diplomat congratulated the government and the people of Cuba for their outstanding efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19, as they have managed to keep the infection rate at low levels compared to that of many other countries'.

As part of the activities carried out in the context of the 75th anniversary of bilateral ties, directors of the two countries' chambers of commerce discussed virtually new opportunities for economic-commercial relations in the face of the pandemic.

The well-known Niagara Falls will be illuminated with the colors of the Cuban flag this January 28, the birthday of the island's National Hero, José Martí.



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