Cuba alerts Unesco on the rise of destabilizing campaigns

Cuba alerts Unesco on the rise of destabilizing campaigns
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18 November 2021
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Cuba warned on Wednesday at the 41st General Conference of UNESCO about the rise of media campaigns aimed at destabilizing societies and called for the promotion of ethical and responsible journalism.

Speaking in a debate on the 2022-2025 Program and Budget for Communication and Information in the multilateral entity, the island’s diplomat Aimeé Pujadas stressed the importance of strengthening the fight against hate speech and the increase in disinformation and the circulation of fake news.

According to the official, to advance the aspiration of the international community to implement the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, it is necessary to promote an environment without violence and respect among and within States.

Pujadas addressed the issue of hate and destabilization campaigns in a context in which Cuba faces an escalation in the plans organized and financed from the United States to impose regime change, a crusade that has among its components attacks on social networks and media manipulation.

In her intervention, the diplomat also pointed out the contribution that Unesco can make to achieve communication focused on promoting development and peace, as well as to reinforce capacity building in the countries of the South in terms of media literacy.

In this regard, she insisted on the island’s vision of promoting development of the media to reduce the digital divide and unequal access to information and knowledge.


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