Council of Ministers analyzed Cuba’s rural development

Council of Ministers analyzed Cuba’s rural development
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3 February 2023
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Cuba's Council of Ministers analyzed at its first session of the year the potential of rural areas for the country's development, Granma newspaper reported on Friday.

During the meeting, held on Thursday, President Miguel Diaz-Canel urged ‘to recover all that the Revolution has developed in relation to the countryside.’

He added that in those territories is where one of the primary sectors of the country’s economy is developed, which should be enhanced with ‘technology, the training of skilled labor force, and the search for incentives for that skilled labor force to find space and development in those places.’

The head of State stressed the importance of promoting agroecology, mini-industries, and the use and delivery of land in usufruct, and urged to bring the experiences with the social transformation projects from urban communities to rural areas.

Participants at the meeting approved the program for the revaluation of rural areas in Cuba, which seeks to promote, as part of the municipal development strategies, local projects that promote new jobs, provide resources and distinguish training opportunities for people living in rural communities

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