Conference on Strategic Studies in Cuba focusses on world crisis

Conference on Strategic Studies in Cuba focusses on world crisis
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24 November 2021
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The 6th Conference on Strategic Studies that opened in Havana on Wednesday is focussing on global crisis which have worsened by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This academic event, organized by the Center for International Policy Research (CIPI) in Cuba, with the co-sponsorship of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLASCO), will run until Friday, November 26.

The new and traditional tendencies in the current complex panorama of international politics will be examined by the participants, in view of the evolution of possible scenarios marked by an unprecedented crisis in the political, economic, social and environmental spheres.

Under the central subject “Health, environmental, political systems and leadership crises: a scenario of uncertainty for international relations”, the event will be divided into three issues.

The first one will focus on Health, Environment and Technology as fields of strategic disputes, and the second one will address The new geography of power at the global level. Regional impacts and new alliances.

The third topic will deal with Extreme political speech and denial of reality. “Infoxication” and the virtual world created from digital platforms.

Due to the limitations internationally imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, this 6th Conference will be developed in three sessions, with a panel of recognized experts and the presentation of written papers on the indicated content lines.


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