Condemnation to US blockade sets Cubans' guideline in Panama

Condemnation to US blockade sets Cubans' guideline in Panama
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18 October 2021
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Panama, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) Love, unity, commitment and condemnation to the 'inhuman' economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States Government against Cuba on Monday set the guidelines of the Marti's Association of Cuban Residents in Panama (AMCRP, in Spanish).
In a statement issued on Sunday, during its 10th meeting, the Association expressed the duty to defend the island's social achievements and condemn the sanctions that have fallen on the family for more than 60 years.

Therefore, the AMCRP urges all governments, social, political and religious organizations to speak out against it in every event or forum.

It assures that the restoration in 2015 of the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, an event that everyone described as a positive step, is today increasingly tarnished by the unjustified and ill-intentioned maneuvers by the current White House administration, which is trying to please the most reactionary wing of the 'anti-Cuban Mafia.'

The AMCRP supports the current process of dialogue of the Cuban Government with all sectors of society, in order to guarantee an atmosphere of peace and generate ideas that contribute to the achievement of 'the sovereign, social justice, solidarity and prosperous nation to which we aspire.'

The Cuban residents in Panama also joined to the collection of funds for the purchase of syringes and other medical supplies for Cuba's health centers, engaged in fighting the worst health crisis in memory of humanity in the last century due to Covid-19.

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