Colombians abroad began to vote in presidential elections

Colombians abroad began to vote in presidential elections
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23 May 2022
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Bogota, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The Colombian presidential elections abroad began on Monday with the opening of polling stations in Auckland, New Zealand, National Registrar Alexander Vega said from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The vote in consulates and diplomatic offices will be extended until Sunday, May 29, day in which the elections will take place in Colombia.

Due to the time difference, the elections in New Zealand began at 08:00 hours, local time, on Monday (20:00 GMT on Sunday) and will progressively follow Australia and Asian, African, European, Latin American, Caribbean and North American countries.

A total of 972,764 Colombians are eligible to vote in 67 consular offices.

According to the electoral census, 39,002,239 citizens may vote in the 12,263 polling stations opened across the country, 5,174 of which are in urban areas and 7,089 in rural areas.

Historical Pact presidential candidate Gustavo Petro is the favorite to win the presidency of the country, according to all polls.

The presidential formula Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez sealed their campaigns at Bolivar Square in Bogota, where thousands of people gathered to support them.

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