From Colombia, young people stage a day of solidarity with Cuba

From Colombia, young people stage a day of solidarity with Cuba
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10 November 2021
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The 30th Meeting of the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba continues on Wednesday with new forums where young people from several countries will present their ideas for the fight against the US blockade against the island.

As it has been happening since Monday when the event was inaugurated, they will exchange their initiatives to support the Cuban Revolution, which is facing a fierce media campaign with marked destabilizing purposes.

Under the theme “A better human being is possible,” guests from Cuba, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Venezuela, as well as the host country, will participate in virtual and in-person activities.

For this Wednesday, several houses and corporations that are part of the Movement are expected to present their historical memory on the defense of the Cuban people and Government.

The 30th Meeting called “Cuba without blockade is possible,” is taking place in Cali, Yumbo and Palmira, department of Valle del Cauca.


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