China-US military ties damaged due to sale of weapons to Taiwan

China-US military ties damaged due to sale of weapons to Taiwan
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9 February 2022
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Beiijing, Feb 9 (Prensa Latina) China´s Ministry of Defense denounced that the US damaged the military ties with its announced plan to sell weapons to Taiwan for 100 million dollars, after demanding its immediate revocation.

According to Wu Qian, spokesman for this office, the decision to provide the island with equipments to modernize the anti-missile system Patriot, put at risk bilateral relations in general and also constitutes a threat to peace and stability in the area.

He highlighted that it is an interference action in China´s internal affairs and at the same time undermines its national sovereignty and security interests.

Finally, the spokesman demanded from the US to reverse the plan and pointed out that the People´s Liberation Army will proceed with the necessary measures in defense of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and against any plot to prevent the island´s return to the homeland.

Apart from the Ministry of Defense, the Chinese Foreign Ministry pronounced itself in similar terms after knowing the recent approval of the sale of weapons to Taipei for 100 million dollars.

In order to advance towards the complete reunification of the national territory, Beijing also suppports the One country, two systems policy, applied in the administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao.

However, the Taipei leadership refuses to accept this status.

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