China urges to complete vaccination against common flu and Covid-19

China urges to complete vaccination against common flu and Covid-19
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19 September 2022
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Beijing, Sep 19 (Prensa Latina) A renowned epidemiologist in China on Monday urged the population to complete vaccination against seasonal flu and Covid-19 as far as possible to avoid cases of both diseases. Expert Zeng Guang warned that a high incidence of these diseases at the same time would be a severe threat to public health, as their symptoms are initially similar, and it would be more difficult to confirm them.

He said that although the country is better managing Covid-19, it should not lower its guard because there was an unusual increase of influenza cases in Guangdong, Sichuan, and Fujian provinces since the summer.

As a preventive measure, he called on the population in general and especially health personnel, vulnerable sectors such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children, among others, to administer the flu vaccine as soon as possible.

From last week to November, Beijing administers that vaccine free of charge to elementary school students, adolescents, and people aged 60 and older.

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