China-Iran deal to thwart Western plots

China-Iran deal to thwart Western plots
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11 April 2021
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Iran's MP Mahmoud Nabavian on Sunday assured that the strategic deal between China and Iran will help foil the plots of the enemies of the Islamic Republic.


In statements carried by Mehr News Agency, Nabavian deemed that Iran has a vested interest in having sealed the deal with China.

The oil and energy sectors, he said, are among the most important issues covered, as it guarantees the sale of Iranian crude oil to Beijing for 25 years.

According to Nabavian, the deal also stipulates the development of oil fields, refineries and petrochemical products, as well as the equipment of oil, gas and petrochemical reserves.

The construction of power plants in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria in a joint Iranian-Chinese effort is also part of the agreement, he noted.

The US, UK, France and Germany are seeking to prevent Iran from selling its oil and thwart those revenues from improving the country's economic situation.

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