China criticizes more US sanctions on Cuba and other nations in 2022

China criticizes more US sanctions on Cuba and other nations in 2022
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20 March 2023
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China on Monday criticized the United States for using its laws and values to impose more sanctions on Cuba and other nations in 2022, and denounced Washington's failures to respect democracy.

In a document, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the increase in extraterritorial punitive measures implemented by the White House to defend human rights and democracy.

In the last decades, the United States has imposed unilateral and long-arm sanctions on Cuba, Belarus, Syria, Zimbabwe, and other countries, has exerted maximum pressure on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, and has frozen 130 million dollars in military aid to Egypt,’ the text stated.

The Foreign Ministry denounced the damage to the socioeconomic development of those countries and other punished territories, emphasizing that Washington thus sought to protect its interests without caring about violating human rights, order, and international rules.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s four-chapter text listed a series of facts, figures, and opinions by experts and international organizations about the mistakes made by US democracy in and outside its territory in 2022.

The document referred to the intensification of political polarization due to the struggles between the country’s parties, the growing power of those with money, and the gap between rich and poor.

It condemned that the “freedom of speech” defended by Washington only focuses on US standards and restricts any pronouncements contrary to the Government’s interests or capital.

The article accused the White House of creating chaos in the world by imposing its system as it used it as a spearhead in the foreign agenda to exacerbate divisions globally, create bloc confrontations, and fuel tensions in issues such as Taiwan and Ukraine.

The text precedes the 2nd Summit for Democracy that the United States will lead on March 29-30, in which Costa Rica, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Zambia will participate.

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