China and Cuba Highlight Life-changing Role of Women in Society

China and Cuba Highlight Life-changing Role of Women in Society
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9 March 2024
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Women from socioeconomic sectors of China and Cuban diplomatic corps accredited here highlighted the life-changing role of women in societies, on the occasion of International Women's Day.


During the activity, the Cuban ambassador to China, Alberto Blanco, quoted the island’s Apostle José Martí, recognizing the role of women as workers, wives, and mothers. “Women are neither a minority nor a complement, they are an indispensable bulwark for the development of society,” he said.

He also highlighted the ability of women to boldly overcome patriarchal stereotypes that still persist and achieve a balance between social and family life.

“In both Cuba and China, we can appreciate the will to continue enhancing the role of women in society, as equality between men and women is a basic state policy. Today China is a society that has managed to eradicate extreme poverty, where of the 770 million people who have emerged from poverty, more than half are women,” he added.

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