Casa de las Américas Literature Award will soon begin in Cuba

Casa de las Américas Literature Award will soon begin in Cuba
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13 April 2024
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The 64th Casa de las Américas Literature Award will be held in Havana from April 22 to 26, with more than a thousand works, as reported by the cultural the institution.

At a press conference in the Manuel Galich room, at the headquarters of Casa de las Américas, its president Abel Prieto recalled that the Award is named after the institution conceived by the idea of ​​the heroine Haydée Santa María and Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

He highlighted that this contest is committed to the quality of the texts beyond financial remuneration, and that unlike other international awards, it banishes the vision of culture as a commodity.

The contest includes the categories of Novel, Drama, Literature for children and young people, and Essay on artistic-literary themes.

According to Casa de las Américas, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Colombia are the countries with the majority of texts in the event.

On April 25, the winning books of the 2023 Award will be presented, while on the 26th the 2024 awards ceremony will be held.

As part of the program, the Mariano Gallery will inaugurate on April 23 the exhibition Popular art of Latin America in the collection of the House. Silvia Llanes, director of Plastic Arts at Casa de las Américas, explained that the exhibition includes the center's collection of trees of life, pieces of wood and Mexican amates, and textiles in the process of conservation and ceramics

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