Buena Fe's Israel Rojas says the challenge is to move forward

Buena Fe's Israel Rojas says the challenge is to move forward
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5 June 2023
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"The challenge is to move forward. With the best possible songs. Working hard as worshippers of love and good faith among human beings", said singer-songwriter Israel Rojas after Buena Fé's tour in Spain.

In a publication made by the artist in his Facebook profile, he added that they will continue criticizing whatever deserves it for the construction of a better country, but never being praisers of defeat, rage and the "plaintive cry" that we know does not fix or found anything, but it makes it profitable.

"I have never believed in the competition of who gets more people to a concert, because that is a very unfair and variable meter, but even in that swampy field, we can still compete," he said.

He pointed out that today they have more followers in Spain than ever before, their music, especially the new album, is being listened to in Cuba and in Latin America much more.

Rojas affirmed that these were the most difficult days of his career; "an absurd campaign initiated by two despicable, self-consciously despicable people and amplified by people and platforms that lie with total conviction and malice."

He commented that they received a lot of advice and suggestions to return to Cuba and get out of the eye of such a media hurricane but they owed it to those who took tickets to listen to their music and to those who every day face hatred and the offshoots of fascism in Europe and offered to accompany them.

"We have obeyed the voice of our consciences. As always. And there are wounds, of course there are."

Noble and good people offended them by being misinformed,by listening to and consuming junk information, he reflected.

"I refuse to believe they do it because they like to do harm. And many boots and fake profiles trying to make chorus to harmonize hate. And we have also had economic losses. Of course."

He expressed all his affection for those who are already brothers, for those who publicly raised their voices in solidarity, for those who received the blows that were destined for him, for those who traveled miles to listen to a song, for those who gave them shelter and protection.

He also expressed his immense, unforgettable, unforgivable contempt for those who cultivate such hatred.

The singer-songwriter explained that they were offered a reception in Cuba with the protocols that are lavished on athletes who return from great victories, to make a great massive concert in Havana, and honors, which they refused.

"We, grateful for such a good vibe and the admiration that perhaps provokes in some, this stubborn will to defend music, which is our way of defending what for us is Cuba, but we have said no."

We want to reach the embrace of our mothers, our partners, our children and relatives, who have suffered so much, he clarified.

He added that they do not want to alter the normal schedule of concerts that are agreed, nor capitalize on these events for personal gain.

"It is not necessary. We have done nothing extraordinary. We have just been ourselves," he concluded.


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