Brazilian President Calls for Respect for Venezuela and Cuba

Brazilian President Calls for Respect for Venezuela and Cuba
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23 January 2023
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On Monday, Brazilian President Lula da Silva asked the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to help solve the problems of Venezuela and Cuba and treat these nations with "much affection."

These statements occurred during a press conference held jointly with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez in Buenos Aires, where the 7th CELAC summit will be start on Tuesday.

“Venezuela's problems will be resolved with dialogue and not with a blockade. We will resolve personal offenses through dialogue and threatening occupation," the Brazilian President said while referring to the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Brasilia and Caracas.

“Every time a comrade has to be criticized, I prefer to give advice instead of criticism,” Lula said, emphasizing that “Venezuela will once again be treated normally, as all countries want to be treated.”

“What I want for Brazil, I want for Venezuela. I respect the sovereignty and self-determination of my people,” the Workers' Party leader said, making tacit reference to U.S. interventionism against the Venezuelan government led by President Nicolas Maduro.

Lula also harshly criticized the attempts to destabilize Venezuelan democracy that were carried out by the U.S.-controlled opposition politician Juan Guaido, whose fictitious presidency seized assets from the Venezuelan State.

The Washington-backed harassment against the Bolivarian revolution was also felt the day before the start of the CELAC meeting.

On Monday, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that President Maduro will not be able to attend the Buenos Aires Summit due to a far-right plan to attack his country delegation.

"They intend to put on a 'deplorable' show in order to disrupt the positive effects of this important regional event and contribute to the already unsuccessful smear campaign that the U.S. Empire has launched against our country," the Venezuelan diplomacy said in a statement.


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