Bolsonaro requests a tourist visa to extend his stay in the US

Bolsonaro requests a tourist visa to extend his stay in the US
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30 January 2023
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The defeated Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro requested a six-month tourist visa to continue in the United States, revealed the English newspaper Financial Times, quoted today by the portal Brasil 247.

According to the former soldier’s lawyer, Felipe Alexandre, the US authorities received the relevant documentation on Friday.

The lawyer advised Bolsonaro not to leave the United States during the visa grant analysis process, which can last months.

Alexandre also noted that the far-right politician may decide to apply for a “more permanent” US visa than the six-month extension he is seeking, the English publication noted.

Bolsonaro arrived in the US state of Florida on December 30 before the inauguration (January 1) of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who defeated him in the October elections.

His official visa expired the day he left power, but provided for a period of 30 additional days in which he could remain in the northern nation.

Local media assure that the return of the former president to the South American giant is being delayed due to the investigations into the anti-democratic acts of January 8.

The former paratrooper was included in the investigation opened by Justice Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), to identify the donors of the coup movement and is at risk of being arrested.

Under requests for military intervention and rejection of Lula’s assumption of power, extremist supporters of the former ruler invaded and looted the headquarters of the National Congress, the STF and the Planalto Palace, seat of the Executive Branch.

Other possible inquiries would be added by the health and social crisis facing the Yanomami indigenous people, abandoned during the four-year term of the nostalgic military dictatorship (1964-1985).

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