Bolivian activists unveil mural to condemn US blockade against Cuba

Bolivian activists unveil mural to condemn US blockade against Cuba
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19 May 2024
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A new call from Bolivia against the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba is a public mural that was unveiled in the department of La Paz on Sunday.

Coinciding with the 129th anniversary of the fall in combat of the main organizer of the Cuban independence feat against Spanish colonialism (1895-1898), José Martí (1853-1895), the artwork has made an impact on pedestrians on the highway that connects the city of La Paz with the city of El Alto.

“Come and be part of the painting of a mural in solidarity with Palestine and Cuba, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (local time),” the call that circulated for several weeks on social networks said.

The response was massive on Saturday by Graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine, members of the Guevarist Movement of Bolivia/ELN, representatives of the Communist Party of Bolivia and its youth organization and other activists affiliated with the Bolivian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba-La Paz.

The mobilization is part of a program of actions approved on April 20 at the 9th Congress of the Bolivian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in the department of La Paz.

Activists at that forum also agreed to demand Cuba’s exclusion from the Washington’s State Sponsors of Terorrism (SSOT) unilateral list.

A new call is circulating on social networks on Sunday in a message headed by the word “Solidarity” and the intertwined flags of Cuba and Bolivia.

“In July, we will collect powdered milk for Cuban children. Join the campaign! without exclusion or discrimination,” the text says.

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