Bolivia Hosts Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival

Bolivia Hosts Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival
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22 October 2022
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‘A consecutive event like this gives visibility to filmmakers in the region and contributes to the cinematographic education of the public,’ Mela Márquez, director of the Cinematheque, told Prensa Latina.


She described as very positive that the department of the institution that she directs offers the people of La Paz the possibility of seeing free films from Ecuador, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Paraguay, El Salvador, Mexico and Cuba.


While welcoming the heads of the diplomatic missions of those 11 countries, the ambassador of the River Plate nation, Ariel Basteiro, stressed that this 18th exhibition constitutes the rescue of an annual cultural event interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


For his part, in his capacity as coordinator of Grulac in Bolivia, the head of the diplomatic mission of the Dominican Republic, Claudio Márquez, said the exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn about the creative reality of the region.


He explained that the selection criteria depended exclusively on each country.


Referring to Mal Paso, a work that deals with the existing problems on the border of his country with Haiti, he considered it is very topical due to the crisis that the ‘sister Haitian nation’ is suffering at the present time.


Danilo Sánchez, ambassador of Cuba, highlighted the importance of October for his country, which celebrates the Day of Cuban Culture every 20th of that month, in commemoration of the first time the National Anthem was sung publicly in the eastern city of Bayamo, in 1868.


He considered it an honor that, as part of the Day of Cuban Culture in Bolivia, the film Why are my friends crying?, by director Magda González Grau, will be the one that will close the exhibition on October 30.


The program includes the exhibition of the following works: 52′ (Ecuador), La Odisea de los Giles (Argetina); Malpaso (Domiicana Republic), The Passion of Javier (Peru); Rambleras (Uruguay), Walker (Nicaragua); Misión H2O (Venezuela), Panamericana Machinery (Mexico) and Why are my friends crying (Cuba).

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