Bahamas government returns 44 irregular migrants to Cuba

Bahamas government returns 44 irregular migrants to Cuba
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25 May 2022
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A group of 44 irregular Cuban migrants were returned to Cuba on Tuesday from the Bahamas in compliance with agreements signed between the two nations.

With the travelers returning on this date through Havana's José Martí International Airport (37 men and seven women), 141 people have been returned from Bahamian territory in 2022.

Upon their arrival in the country, the would-be migrants received medical attention and food before being transferred to their provinces of origin.

Immigration authorities explained that this is the 56th operation (seventh from the Bahamas) so far this year. With it, the number of people returned from various destinations reached 2,529.

The Government of Cuba advocates a safe, orderly, and regular migratory flow, and condemns the hostile policy of the United States in this regard, which encourages this activity through provisions such as the Cuban Adjustment Act and obstacles to the processing of visas.

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