The art of the universe

The art of the universe
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23 April 2023
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These are not art works by an abstract painter. This is not art, although it seems so. It is the wonder of the universe attested thanks to the development of science. These beautiful pieces are pictures of planet Jupiter taken by NASA.

The space probe Juno collected several images of the largest planet in the solar system, which may well be exhibited in an art gallery.

The shapes on surface creates a wonderful kaleidoscope, which can be observed by the use of false image technique, which consists of enhancing features that, otherwise, would be invisible or barely visible to human eye. A composite false color is an interpretation of multispectral images using the standard RGB (red, green, and blue) range of visual bands.

In other words: the technique reveals and discovers nuances of the mysteries of the universe, which seduce by their extraordinary plasticity. Anyone would hang these images on the walls of his house... and could even boast of his contributions to contemporary art.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff





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