Argentina advocates for Venezuela's full reincorporation into MERCOSUR

Argentina advocates for Venezuela's full reincorporation into MERCOSUR
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31 July 2022
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Caracas, July 31 (RHC)-- The new Argentinean ambassador to Venezuela, Oscar Laborde, advocated for the full reincorporation of Caracas in MERCOSUR, in a context in which the Bolivarian country is once again making its way before international organizations to counteract the geopolitical veto imposed on it in some of them.

"And in this multipolar world, America has to be a pole [...]. Venezuela has to fully integrate again to Mercosur, the representatives of the Assembly must join PARLASUR, we must return to UNASUR, [...] that is our destiny", declared the diplomat in an appearance before the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Likewise, he highlighted that, in the midst of political instability in the region, the solidarity of Latin American peoples should be above all else.

In 2017, Caracas was suspended from MERCOSUR, a political decision taken by the founding countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) as they claimed that human rights were being violated in Venezuela.  At the time, the Venezuelan government affirmed that the measure was based on illegitimate presumptions.

Today, however, the panorama has changed in the region. Latin American states have taken up again the project of integration beyond differences, not only as a political strategy, but also to face the economic challenges imposed by the current reality. 

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