Annual Tribute March for National Cuban Hero Goes Online due to COVID

Annual Tribute March for National Cuban Hero Goes Online due to COVID
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24 January 2021
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The traditional Torch March, held in Havana every January 27th to pay tribute to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti on the eve of his birthday, will be held only on social networks this year due to the serious Covid 19 spread.

The initiative will include a virtual action at 9 pm on Wednesday Jan 28th by activists in all Cuban provinces using twitter hastags such as #AntorchasMartianas and #JuvenilMartiano, where Cuban youths will share videos and images.

The president of the Juvenile Marti Movement, Yusuam Palacions said that in facing the Covid 19 pandemic the Cuban youths have made their contribution to the legacy of Jose Marti by helping in isolation centers and production areas.

This year 2021 is the right time to reaffirm the young Cubans’ support of the Revolution and their social projects the young leader said.

The Exchange between students and teachers on the work of the Cuban Apostle Jose Marti, special meetings under Covid protection measures and virtual homage-paying actions will also be part of activities organized by the Cuban Young Communist League.

The traditional Torch March has been traditionally held with participants walking from the stairs of the University of Havana down to the site of former quarries where young Jose Marti was captive by the Spanish rule. The activity has been attended by top Cuban government leaders every year on January 27 at nine pm.

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