Aid from Mexico and Venezuela arrive in Cuba to fight fire in Matanzas

Aid from Mexico and Venezuela arrive in Cuba to fight fire in Matanzas
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7 August 2022
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Planes from Mexico and Venezuela arrived early Sunday in Cuba to support the fight against the fire in the industrial zone of the western city of Matanzas.

The first to arrive was a Boing 737-700 of the Mexican Airforce Force with 62 military personnel and 16 experts in the oil area. Brigadier General Juan Bravo led the group that was deployed on the express orders of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A Conviasa aircraft from Venezuela arrived a few hours later with solidarity aid to help quell the large-scale fire.

It carried 35  Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVESA ) specialists and approximately 20 tons of consumables (foam) and chemical powders to control the blaze.

On Twitter, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro "expressed his solidarity with Cuba and the people of Matanzas, given the accident at the Supertanker Base. Receive the Bolivarian embrace; you are not alone! We are fully available to provide the necessary assistance," he said.

The Cuban Minister of Transport, Eduardo Rodríguez, and authorities of the province of Matanzas were on hand at the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport to welcome the highly appreciated assistance.

The accident in Matanzas industrial Zone started Friday evening after a lightning stroke in an oil storage tank.

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