About 100 migrants crossed into Poland, remain near razor wire fence - border committee

About 100 migrants crossed into Poland, remain near razor wire fence - border committee
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13 November 2021
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A group of up to 100 migrants from an improvised refugee camp near the Belarusian border moved to the territory of Poland and is now located near the barbed fence set up by the Polish frontier guards.

"There is a group [of refugees] near the checkpoint (Bruzgi-Kuznitsa - TASS). They are indeed on the Polish territory. Up to 100 people. They were near the barbed fence installed by the Polish side," the press service of the State Border Committee of Belarus told TASS on Saturday.

The committee specified that these are the refugees, whose movement along the Belarusian-Polish border was recorded by the Belarusian border guards last Friday.

"In general, the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border, where refugees continue to stay, has not changed significantly," a representative of the committee said.

The migrant crisis on the border of Belarus with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland unraveled on November 8. Several thousand refugees approached the Polish border from the Belarusian side and are camping out at the border zone. Some tried crossing into Poland by cutting razor wire fences. Currently, there about 2,000 migrants at an improvised camp on the border.

The European Union is accusing Minsk of intentionally escalating the crisis and has called for more sanctions. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko blamed the situation on Western countries themselves, since it was their actions that had prompted people to flee the war in their homelands.

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