Famous US Morgan State University Choir to perform in Cuba

Famous US Morgan State University Choir to perform in Cuba
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25 May 2016
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The choir tour is the result of the collaboration from the National Center of Concert Music, the Cuban Music Institute and Classical Movements (CM), entity that has been organizing for two decades visits to the Island of musical groups.

Norma Rosso, US CM operations manager, explained Prensa Latina via email that starting on May 25, the tour will include Cienfuegos (center/south), Santa Clara (center), Matanzas (west) and Havana.

They will perform at Cienfuegos’ Tomás Terry Theater with the special participation of Cantores de Cienfuegos, directed by Maestra Honey Moreira Abreu.

Two days later it will perform at Teatro La Caridad in Santa Clara sharing the stage with the Villa Clara Provincial Choir directed by Maestra Yolanda Martínez, commented Rosso.

On May 29, they will offer a gala at José White concert room in Matanzas with the performance of the Chamber Choir of Matanzas under the direction of Maestro José Antonio Méndez, according the CM executive.

The United States ensemble tour will close on May 30  with a performance at the Ernesto Lecuona Room of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso and the participation of the  Coro Entrevoces directed by Maestra Digna Guerra, according to the specialist.

The Morgan State University, directed by Eric Conway, is one of the most prestigious choirs of the United States and is considered by famous singer Aretha Franklin one of the best gospel university choirs of the country.

Rosso specified that the repertoire includes classic music, gospel and contemporary popular music and the group is recognized for their work in preserving the Afro American spirituals cultural traditions.  

They have performed everywhere in the United States and different countries of the world like Brazil, Jamaica, Russia, Canada, Africa, Australia, China, the Middle East and Europe.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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