New film by Lester Hamlet to start filming process

New film by Lester Hamlet to start filming process
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30 December 2015
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Inspired by the play Weekend en Bahia, by the late playwright Alberto Pedro, the script—written with Mijail Rodriguez—is about the impossibility of love in a relationship that lives a limbo of emotions from immigration.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Hamlet notes that after four years of waiting he will finally pay off his debt with a piece that arouses many emotions in him. Even though the exodus and the separated family has been dealt with over and over, my proposal has a different approach from the couple angle, something very difficult I want to imposed like the staging of the original text, said the director.

Pedro’s work became one of the greatest successes in Cuban drama in the 1980s and early 1990s, and which almost three decades is still present.  He stressed, moreover, that it will be a very strong exercise for both characters, Mayra and Stephen, go through endless reactions and changes of state.

Produced by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), Ya no es antes is being shot in an apartment in Chivas district and Raúl Pérez Ureta is in charge of photography.

This is the second adaptation Hamlet does of a play. The first conquered audiences with his version of Casa Vieja (2010), an original of the late playwright and writer Abelardo Estorino (National Literature and Theatre Awards winner).

Lester Hamlet (Havana, 1971) has three films (Tres veces dos, Casa vieja and Fabula), several documentaries and numerous video clips with popular performers and musical groups of country.

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