Olga Tañón: My Artistic Career is divided into before and after Cuba

Olga Tañón: My Artistic Career is divided into before and after Cuba
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10 December 2015
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Also known as Mujer de Fuego, Tañón confessed that knowing Cuba and its people definitely marked her and this is the reason why she came back six years after her first visit, to return all the lovethe Cuban people gave her.

With a live broadcast on the Cubavisión TV channel on Saturday at three in the afternoon, Cuba will dance to the rhythms of this Puerto Rican artist, who a few days ago arrived in Santiago de Cuba to sing to her fans and regale them with a memorable presentation, together with musicians and dancers of that territory.

Accompanied by maestro Joaquin Betancourt, Qva Libre group and singer-songwriter Descemer Bueno, the interpreter thanked all the cultural institutions and artists who support this initiative, and said that in the presence of the talent of young Cuban artists, of whom she has become a fan and a supporter, she feels like a novice.

About the repercussion her visit to Cuba could have in the international context, Olga pointed out: I am not here to talk about politics, I bring a flag of peace and humanity and my voice is for the people of this country, where I feel like at home.

 Likewise, she highlighted: I would love to tell various artists about this wonderful experience, and tell them the emotional payment will be immense after they visit Cuba.

Also, she announced she’s currently selecting pieces for next album, in which she has already included songs by Qva Libre and by renowned composer Osmani Espinosa.

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