National Ballet of Cuba Performances

National Ballet of Cuba Performances
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12 October 2015
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This program will include five pieces (Tiempo de danzón, Didenoi, Triade, A la luz de tus canciones and Rara Avis) with the performances of young promising dancers of the National Ballet. The sale of tickets will start at Teatro Nacional from October 20 in the usual hours.

On the other part, the Spanish press has been highlighting the performances of the National Ballet of Cuba’s dancers in their tour through different cities. El País journal stated the varied program (Les Sylphides, Celeste and Carmen) «gleamed and surprised, especially the Carmen performed with notable refinement by first dancer Sadaise Arencibia». Referring to Don Quixote, said that: «Also notable is the performance of Estheysis Menéndez as the Queen of the Dryads in the second act, in relation to taste and musicality, while Jessie Domínguez as Mercedes and Dani Hernandez as the Matador were vigorous. Viengsay Valdés was the undisputable heroine accompanied by Víctor Estévez in the role of barber Basilio. Valdés exhibited composure and control in balances that seem to be endless and in multiple turns, giving her performance a certain particular and brave humor. The second act, with its two scenes [camp of gypsies and dream of the dryads] was the best as a joint presentation. »

On its side, the website refers to the Cuban company performance of Swan Lake as follows: «François Llorente stands out in the first act as the buffoon, which serves as link between different scenes. The dancer shows himself lively and with great strength. In the Spanish dance, the couple made by Jessie Domínguez and Alejandro Silva is vigorous and irresistible. But the most outstanding performance is that of Anette Delgado in the third act.  Her acting as Odile is majestic. Her double fouettés turns were acclaimed by a public that broke the protocol to exalt the dancer even more. Certain and brilliant she makes the public accomplice of the betrayal. Dani Hernández in the role of Siegfried also deserved to be mentioned with a refined and depurated technique and great elevation in the jumps. »

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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