Carlos Varela, The Poet of Havana, in New York

Carlos Varela, The Poet of Havana, in New York
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29 September 2015
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The concert and the premiere of the documentary The Poet of Havana, on the life and work of Varela, the New York Festival will open with emphasis on independent productions.
The document, by Canadian film-maker Ron Chapman, reveals aspects of Varela’s over-30-year music career and how his music captivated young Cuban generations. The film also includes interviews with the musician with Spanish actor Benicio del Tro who took to the English Language Varela’s piece Walls and Doors.
The Poet of Havana will be aired October 23 by HBO. Varela, considered the Cuban Bob Dylan, is part of a generation of Cuban singers after that of Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes.(ANC)

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