Pride for Laritza Bacallao and Hectico DJ during their visit to Miami

Pride for Laritza Bacallao and Hectico DJ during their visit to Miami
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26 May 2014
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In all kinds of shows, in those channels dedicated to defame Cuba and other democratic processes in Latin America.
But there’s a reality: it’s the only television that exists in this city, which monopolizes both technical means and resources, therefore artists, representatives and entrepreneurs are forced to take it into account for promotion.

Usually, whenever a political question appears in the middle of an interview, it’s preceded by the inevitable counterrevolutionary statement from Miami TV’s presenter, who then forces a nervous laugh and looks at the guest from Cuba almost telling him/her: “I must do it, because otherwise, they kick me out”.   

In late January, Laritza Bacallao showed up in Miami TV, which reminded me Maestro Candido Fabre’s attitude when he performed in southern Florida, in a previous stage, in which aggressions against artists coming from the island were frequent. At that time, Candido declared himself ‘revolutionary’ in Miami’s TV channels and radio stations, and more recently, he neither hid nor adjured having sung that “The barbarian is still standing”, in a musical work dedicated to Fidel Castro on his birthday (  

But Maestro Candido Fabre established in Miami something peculiar and innovative, now continued by Laritza Bacallao, keeping firm in their principles facing manipulations from local journalists.  

Because in the places where Laritza Bacallao performed in Miami, like Aché Club and Solare Coliseum (Doral), she was quoted as high as any other world star, and part of the audience didn’t get tickets.

What both, Laritza and Candido, have shown is that it is not necessary to humiliate oneself to succeed. In fact, I would say the big message is to show that keeping principles is respected and very ‘attractive’.

Now I give you an example of Laritza Bacallao’s crushing passage through Miami; something that happened in El Espejo (The Mirror) show, hosted by anti-journalist Juan Manuel Cao on Channel 41 in Miami.

This presenter, a disciple of mythomaniac Carlos Alberto Montaner, was eventually defeated by young Cuban artist Laritza Bacallao and his representative, Hector Diaz Yañez (Hectico DJ), also artist and leader of PMM company. For nearly half an hour, Laritza was talking to Cao about what Cuban artists do, but he didn’t stop showing he understood nothing.  Everyone commented it was logical he did not understand anything, because Cao isn’t an artist.

Cao, who neither understands ethical principles, almost forced the young girl to accept that money was the most important thing. And Laritza dealt him a ‘knockout’, replying that the most important thing is “to be well with oneself”. Does Cao understand that code of values?  But there was more: Hector kept the perfect thrust hidden.

Hector himself asked Laritza whether she was rich (in money) in Cuba, and she replied: “No, I am not rich”. And then he repeated the same question to Cao: “Are you rich in Miami?”, and Cao, quite embarrassed, had to admit: “No, I am not rich in Miami”. Everyone burst into laughter in Cao’s face.

Jorge Mesa Benjamín / CubaSí Traslation Staff


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