Laura de la Uz: Caricato Award Winner

Laura de la Uz: Caricato Award Winner
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4 February 2015
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Reality Show is her most recent play premiered last year as part of the Ellas Crean (Women Create) Festival, which received both audience’s and critics’ acclaim. The show that narrates a day of life in real time and includes Cuban music videos was again staged during the 2014 International New Latin American Film Festival in the Cuban capital.

The popular Cuban actress has previously received the Caricato Award for her performance in the films Madagascar from 1995, El cuerno de la Abundancia (The Horn of Plenty) from 2008 and La película de Ana (Ana’s Film) from 2012. The award is the best actor’s and actress’ award on the Caribbean island and is given by the Caricato Artistic Representation Agency and the Cuban Writers and Artists Association UNEAC.

Edited by Damian Donestevez

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