Cuban Music Joins Celebrations for the Triumph of the Revolution

Cuban Music Joins Celebrations for the Triumph of the Revolution
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28 December 2018
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Varied musical propositions are part of the program scheduled by the Cuban Music Institute for this end of the year and the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, the institution announced.

The activities include concerts, theoretical and traditional events such as Cuba Va triumph gala.

Havana is at the center of the celebrations and its 500th anniversary will be celebrated in 2019. Therefore, national orchestras, dance groups and children's shows are included in all municipalities.

One of the most eagerly awaited events is the National Symphony Orchestra concert with compositions by the musicians Juan Formell and Adalberto Alvarez.

Singing, activities dedicated to children and presentations of the Concert Bands complete the activities scheduled for the closing of 2018 in Cuba.

The Cuba Va day, lasting until December 29 will feature performances by Pedrito Calvo, Paulo FG, Son Yoruba, Charanga Latina, Alain Daniel, El Noro y Primera Clase, Yumuri y sus Hermanos, JG, Chispa y sus Complices, Klimax, Pachito Alonso and NG la Banda.

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