Acosta Danza Reaffirms Commitment to Contemporary Art Trends

Acosta Danza Reaffirms Commitment to Contemporary Art Trends
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20 August 2018
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Acosta Danza company has reaffirmed its commitment to contemporary art trends with a show that combines electronic music, folklore and audiovisuals.

The summer season will conclude on Sunday at the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana, after standing ovations over the work by the company, founded in Cuba in 2016 by the star dancer Carlos Acosta.

For the world premiere of Satori, the choreographer and dancer of the Raul Reinoso company said that he undertook a journey to his spiritual interior; in fact, he chose that word as a title because Zen Buddhism refers to spiritual awakening.

The key words for this are meditation and reflection, and it is very interesting that in this voyage, the young man, originally trained within the norms of contemporary dance, also describes the usefulness of other forms of movement such as folklore and basic ballet steps.

After the premiere, the company retakes the duet End of Time, by the British choreographer Ben Stevenson, who deals about the magnetism of love, even in a destroyed world, when life is about to end.

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