Cuban Health Technology Benefits Millions of Mexican Children

Cuban Health Technology Benefits Millions of Mexican Children
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4 August 2014
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Cuban health technology helped screen over seven million Mexican children and provide early detection of congenital conditions in 3 000 babies in that Central American nation over the past 14 years of cooperation actions in the field.

The scientific work allowed providing the babies with higher quality of life, normal neuro-cognitive development and in many cases saving their lives, said the vice-director of the Cuba Immunological Assay Center, Aramis Sanchez, in conversation with Cubadebate website.

Sanchez, a biochemist, says that 102 labs in Mexico now count on Cuban technology to detect congenital diseases in newborn children, out of which are under the Mexican Social Security Institute.

Mexico is a country with large imports of the Cuba-made SUMA technology or Ultra-Micro Analytical System, being produced by the Immunological Assay Center, which is under the new entrepreneurial group BioCubaFarma.

Official statistics say that about two million kids are born every year in Mexico, out of them half a million run the risk of suffering from any disability at birth or of living with long-term effects. Out of the figure, between 100 thousand to 200 thousand kids suffer from a congenital condition.

As part of its medical collaboration with Mexico, Cuban professionals train Mexican specialistas and offers immediate technical assistance.

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