Cuba Holds Second Round of Local Elections

Cuba Holds Second Round of Local Elections
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27 April 2015
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After the first round of elections for local assemblies, Cubans went to the polls for run-off voting in 1,165 constituencies across 149 municipalities.

Close to 1 million Cubans voted Sunday in the second round of elections to elect delegates to the island’s Municipal Assemblies of People's Power.

A total of 941,041 people took to the 3,351 polling stations to elect representatives for the remaining 1,165 positions across 149 Cuban municipalities. During the first round on April 19, more than 7,550,000 Cubans cast their vote on the 12,589 constituencies of the nation to elect their councilors for the next two and a half years.

Sunday’s contest was held in those areas where no candidate achieved more than 50 percent of local votes. The National Electoral Commission (CEN) described the event as a “successful election day,” and highlighted the civic commitment showed by Cubans.

The local elections, which take place every 30 months, come as increasing global attention is fixed on the Caribbean nation as it works to restore relations with the United States.

Authorities and candidates, including those linked to opposition groups, praised the elections and said they confirmed the Cuban people’s commitment to their economic and political system.

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