Díaz-Canel: Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence

Díaz-Canel: Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence
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27 November 2019
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“We are not intimidated by threats from the United States, which are part of its interventionist policy toward Cuba. It is deplorable that the country’s diplomats are incited to violate international law and the laws of the United States. Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence,” said President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on his Twitter account.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla also referred to the situation: “The U.S. Secretary of State, who applauds coups and ignores murders, acts of barbarism, repression, and violations of human rights by its allies, calls on its embassy in Cuba to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign country that will not allow it.”

Cuba has repeatedly denounced the U.S. government’s slander campaign, most recently using as a pretext the arrest of a salaried agent serving the United States, with a long history of provocative, illegal actions to disrupt the public order. The embassy of the United States in Cuba has been the fundamental vehicle of attention, orientation, and financing of his conduct.

“The country’s diplomatic mission in Cuba and, particularly its chargé d'affaires, has concentrated on... promoting division and confusion in our people, identifying areas of the economy to attack with coercive measures, attempting to slander and discredit the work of the Cuban government and the Revolution,” stated a note published November 20.

Yesterday, the U.S. government added the Cuban company Corporación Panamericana S.A to it its list of entities sanctioned for maintaining relations with Venezuela.

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