Cuban Media Denounces New Fake News about President Diaz-Canel

Cuban Media Denounces New Fake News about President Diaz-Canel
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22 February 2019
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Havana, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) Media and Cuban Internet users denounced Friday a new fake news attributed to President Miguel Diaz-Canel and an alleged Facebook page of the President.

The lie attributes to the Head of State a call to Cuban artists to the concert for Peace in Venezuela.

We are in front of a new fake news (...) for some time now, a Facebook page has appeared, which supposedly belongs to President Diaz-Canel. This page is fake and among copies of the real account content of our President in Twitter, at any moment public statements that are not real', warns Cubadebate website.

In this regard, it denounces the new maneuver, says: 'we already know what is hidden behind this lie' and reminds social media users that the Head of State 'does not have any official Facebook page yet'.

For its part, the Juventud Rebelde newspaper posts on Twitter that 'the enemy never stops mounting lies and fake news against Cuba, like this supposed call to artists'.

In six decades of Revolution, Cuba has faced armed aggressions, terrorist actions, biological warfare and a sustained media attack with manipulation and misrepresentation as spearheads, a crusade which has increased with the arrival of new information and communication technologies.

Diaz-Canel does have an account on Twitter, in which since Oct. 10, the date on which he issued his first tweet, he has almost 98,000 followers.

The support for Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution and its president, Nicolas Maduro, the call to vote Yes for the new Cuban Constitution and his travels around the country, where he talks with ordinary Cubans, stand out among the issues tweeted daily by the president.

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