Youth Forum to Celebrate Birth of Fidel Castro in Santiago de Cuba

Youth Forum to Celebrate Birth of Fidel Castro in Santiago de Cuba
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9 August 2018
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The Forum Idea and Society will be one of the expressions of homage to the 92nd anniversary of Fidel Castro's birth next Monday, organizers of the meeting reported today.

The event will take place at the Stained Glass Room in the Antonio Maceo Revolution Square, where Cubans bid their last farewell to the physical presence of the historic leader during the night of December 3, 2016 and the early morning of December 4, before the departure of his remains to the Santa Ifigenia cemetery.

At the end of that Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Santiago residents and other Cubans from Camagüey and the other eastern provinces gathered in the esplanade of the monumental enclave dedicated to Maceo, known on the island as the Bronze Titan, to bid farewell to the revolutionary leader, who died on November 25.

The Hermanos Saiz Association, which gathers young Cuban artists; the Jose Marti Cultural Society and the Caguayo Foundation have organized the Forum, during which Fidel Castro's imprint will be highlighted, especially during the days when the draft of the new Constitution of the Republic will be debated.

In the village of Biran, where he was born in the eastern province of Holguin, young people will also make a campsite and develop cultural presentations before the birthday of the one who knew with his thoughts and his revolutionary work to definitively penetrate the newest ones.

In the patrimonial cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, the flow of people from Cuba and abroad continues, who daily pass by the monolith with the ashes of Fidel Castro, along with those of the National Hero, Jose Marti, and the founding parents Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and Mariana Grajales.

Although of his own will, his name does not appear in any institution or public place in the country, his presence has become an urban mystique in the city to which he has been intimately linked since childhood and throughout his fruitful revolutionary work.

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