New Economic Policy to Allow Use of Posters by Self-employed Workers

New Economic Policy to Allow Use of Posters by Self-employed Workers
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28 July 2018
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The resolution number 31 from 2018 of the national planning institute used to regulate the awarding of posters for the sell-employed work which will be compulsory to be included in the Cuban intellectual Property office if they have a mark or a distinctive sign.

Diana Rosa Suárez Matías, who is the legal director of the aforementioned institute, pointed out the current authorization about those posters in order to identify the services provided to the local self-employed workers.

That procedure will change the new rules could be into effect in the first days of December. The interested people should go to the municipal and related main offices. Those institutions which work under the territorial and urban regulations, will enforce the related requirements about their image, placing, designs and other complementary aspects.

The local self-employed workers will not be forced to place posters to identify their service, but those ones, who wanted to promote their activity, will have to define the activity firstly and design other elements, later.

Diana Rosa Suárez Matías gave as an example the flowing idea: if you were a self-employed worker who was working fixing some items, then you would have to detail that service as ´Eyeglasses and Umbrella Operator.´

New Economic Policy to Allow Use of Posters by Self-employed Workers

Diana Rosa Suárez Matías stated that the posters which have a text such as a brand or a distinctive sign, just like Beautiful hairdressing salon, should be registered at the Intellectual Property office.

That institution will not authorize the Brand registration and Distictitive Signs that could be similar or had a graphic or phonetic interference like ´Bodeguita del Medio,´ for instance.

Diana Rosa Suárez Matías pointed out that the self-employed workers, who have already porters with brands and distinctive signs, will have a year to register them in the aforementioned office since December 7th, 2018.

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