Trinidad, Safe Candidate for World Crafts City in Cuba

Trinidad, Safe Candidate for World Crafts City in Cuba
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2 June 2018
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Recognized for its ancestral practices with ceramics, fraying and embroidery, the third Cuban village is receiving today a visit from representatives of the World Crafts Council (WCC) for its evaluation as the World Crafts City.

The experts' itinerary of the institution associated with UNESCO includes, among other stops, the Santander family's workshop, linked for generations to the work of pottery, as well as the painter Yudit Vidal Faife's gallery, recognized for her work with craftswomen embroiderers.

Silvia Orellana, promoter of the Cuban Cultural Heritage Fund (FCBC), explained to Prensa Latina the tour also includes handicraft plazas such as Manaca Iznaga, a town located in the Valle de los Ingenios( Mill Valley), included next to the city on UNESCO's Cultural Heritage list.

Pena Street, place where local handicrafts are exhibited and sold, and the space of the artist Mery Viciedo also appear on the WCC route, the specialist said.

Viciedo also appears on the WCC route, the specialist remarked.

The proposal and evaluation of the southern city as a Craft City of the World pursues the promotion of local innovation, creative tourism as well as the creation of new opportunities for association and cooperation between craftsmen.

This visit to the third village founded by the Spaniards in Cuba is part of the program of the seventh meeting of the Intergovernmental Council for Crafts, headquartered in Havana since 30 May.

According to press reports, during these days, the WCC Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean and Director of Crafts of the FCBC, Mercy Correa highlighted the potential of Trinidad in safeguarding these traditions.

'The nomination of the village is due to the work of conservation of the artisan manifestations that involve several generations and are part of everyday life', Correa said.

In this regard, Correa stressed in a press conference the importance of the event, which for the first time Cuba is participating actively as well as assuming the role of hostess.

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