Cuban Doctors Honored in Crema with the Launching of Books

Cuban Doctors Honored in Crema with the Launching of Books
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20 October 2021

With the launching of Diario de Turín (written by Cuban Writer and Essayist Enrique Ubieta) and Juntos (a collaboration by Ubieta himself with Italian journalists and photographers), the Cuban medical brigade that traveled north of Italy to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic was praised here in Crema, Lombardy.

The homage had the special attendance of Crema's mayoress Estefanía Bonaldi, who welcomed Cuban doctors back then, and said today she still remembers that moment “with huge gratitude.”

Bonaldi remembered “the brothers and sisters of the Cuban medical brigade” as well as their “extraordinary” work in Crema, whose inhabitants will remember forever.  


The mayoress —filled with emotions— said that Cuba’s solidarity is “a beautiful story about friendship and hope,” which will be paid tribute with the inauguration in that small city of the Henry Reeve Square next October 29th, to honor the Cuban medical brigade.

On the other side, Enrique Ubieta narrated the great privilege of being part of the brigade of Doctors who traveled to Turin, and said that even when the book covers mostly the work of the brigade in Piedmont, he wanted everyone to know about the work done in Crema.

Hence, in Diario de Turin, readers can enjoy the testimony of doctors and nurses who worked in Lombardy, as well as interviews to mayoress Bonaldi and the hospital principal where Cubans worked; not to mention the chronicles, which the audience could listen to some passages during the book launch.

I write about human beings —the author pointed out— and with these stories I try to push and build a solidarity-based world. “We are one world. And that world is perfectly achievable with solidarity,” he highlighted.

A truly emotional moment was the tribute paid —on Ubieta’s words— to Dr. Graciliano Díaz Bartolo, member of the Henry Reeve Brigade in Crema, who passed away a few months ago in Santiago de Cuba while fighting against Covid-19.



Ubieta presented to mayoress Estefanía Bonaldi, as part of the tribute— a photo taken to Dr. Graciliano during the farewell to Cuban doctors in Crema. The picture was part of the exhibition held at Casa de las Américas last May, devoted to the Cuban medical internationalist work and the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade.

The launching —honored by the attendance of Llanio González, Consul General of Cuba in Milan, members of the diplomatic corps, of the solidarity with Cuba group and other local authorities— kicked off with video clip recorded by Arcángel Correli Orchestra, a tribute that Italian musicians wanted to paid both Italian and Cuban health personnel. “When affection shattered, when hugs were forbidden,” Cuba and Cuban doctors came to Crema, Lombardy, to save lives.

Crema, and before the Turin’s International Book Fair, are two special moments in this tour that Enrique Ubieta is carrying on through some Italian cities to launch the books Diario de Turín and Juntos, and thus chat with friends of Cuba about our reality.  

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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